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 A Resounding 'No' (open)

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PostSubject: A Resounding 'No' (open)   Sat Mar 01, 2014 12:28 am

The letter was wadded up into such a tight ball that Aubrey was nearly cutting off the circulation in her fingers. She didn’t care though. She was so full of angry energy that the owls had even flown away from her. So much for writing back. Apparently she wasn’t going to get one of the feathered rats to deliver a letter even if she found some way to put her anger into words.

They wanted her to wait for Christmas to get a broom of her own! Christmas!! Didn’t they realize how long that was? She’d never learn then, and she’d never get to play quidditch like Me and I. They were condemning her to failure just because she was asking them to buy her a bloody broom!

She let out a frustrated grumble and threw the crumpled note at the stone wall, flicking her wand at it and setting it aflame. How could her parents not understand? ’Use your sister’s broom’ ha! She’d already tried that! Aubrey had thoroughly explained in her letter that she needed her own broom to be any kind of successful. Apparently they’d just ignored that bit.

Crawling up to perch in the window, Aubrey let out a frustrated grunt. Her curly ponytail flicked like… well, a pony’s tail, in irritation and she blew air out at her bangs. “If I can’t have a bloody broom then I want a kitten,” she spat with a huff, looking and sounding like a spoiled princess as another student entered the owlery.
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PostSubject: Re: A Resounding 'No' (open)   Mon Mar 03, 2014 11:25 am

Lillian was in a happy mood today, for no actual reason. Maybe it was the the wind blowing outside, or that trouble hadn't found her in a while, but it wasn't as if she cared really. She hardly ever was in a good mood to be as stupid as to whine about it. So she simply kept her mouth shut and enjoyed it while it lasted, because something inside her was telling her that something, or rather someone, would find a way to destroy this unexpected feeling of happiness.

Being a while since she had last owled her parents, or visited her owl, who she bet would feel quite lonely, she decided to take a walk up to the Owlery. Managing both things at once. In one hand, she tightly held the letter she wanted to send to her parents, informing them about her great life here at Hogwarts. A bunch of lies she had to say just to keep them smiling.
In her other hand, a treat for her poor owl. How long had it been since she had last seen or talked to the poor bird? It wasn't as if it would answer her questions, but it did show its appreciation in its own way. After all, it was her pet.

Pushing the wooden door open, the girl barely had the time to hear what the girl was mumbling, but she did catch an angry look on the girl's face, which brought a look of curiousness on her own face.
A small smile played on her lips as she talked, deciding to be friendly. She didn't know the girl, but making friends was what she mostly needed right now. What did she have to lose, after all?
"Relax, Princess. I can obviously see something is bothering you, but I am sure we can work it out?"
She looked around for her owl, but the Owlery was empty. She had managed to scare the poor birds away. "Now, look what you did! You need to control that rage of yours..."
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PostSubject: Re: A Resounding 'No' (open)   Tue Mar 04, 2014 12:23 am

Aubrey had not expected anyone to join her, especially not some younger snake with an attitude problem. She growled at the blonde, wanting somewhere to take out her anger and finding an option in her annoyingly perfect face. The Ravenclaw hopped out of the window and stormed toward the blonde, her finger jabbing toward the girl. She might have found her pretty if it wasn’t for the fact that she was calling her something as demeaning as ‘Princess’ while telling her to calm her temper.

Oh, no. Those had been the wrong things to say to Aubrey when she was already in a foul mood. She actually managed to poke the girl in her chest a few times without even realizing that she was essentially touching her boob, upon which realization she’d quickly puller her hand back and settled on a mighty glare.

”I am not a ‘Princess’ and I am not interested in taking orders from some blonde bimbo with vacant eyes!” The triplet wondered if the girl would even understand the insult as a poke at her intelligence, but didn’t much care if her jab was lost on the Slytherin. Aubrey was not much concerned with the girl before her, as she was more focused on what she wanted in place of the broom that she was apparently not getting just yet.

She didn’t have enough money to go to the village and purchase a broom for herself, which was why she’d written home about it. She did, however, have the funds for a pet. Perhaps her parents would be displeased with this decision, especially considering one of her sisters had had some sort of reaction to a cat before, though she didn’t remember which one it was. It was so long ago, they probably had grown out of the allergy anyway.

Aubrey got a thoughtful look then as she considered the next Hogsmeade weekend. ”I’m sure I’ll have better things to scare these stupid rats with wings soon anyway. Don’t rodents dislike cats?” She looked at the younger girl with a rather cruel grin, as if daring her to say something more about her attitude. Maybe she’d just toss the blonde out the window. Call it an experiment. See if she can fly.
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PostSubject: Re: A Resounding 'No' (open)   Wed Mar 05, 2014 5:18 am

Lillian hadn't meant any trouble when she decided to talk to the girl. But obviously, the girl was in such foul mood, that it looked as if Lillian was in big, big trouble.
The redhead was obviously older, but that didn't phase Lillian. Age was nothing, if the maturity didn't follow along. But this girl was too furious to even think of being mature, or friendly at the least.
And that is exactly what I get for being nice, the Slytherin thought, taking a deep breath and keeping calm. Hasty moves would lead to bad things.

As the girl made her way over to her, practically poking her in the chest, Lillian raised an eyebrow but didn't make a move to slap the girl's hand away. She already was in trouble with her, and adding fuel to the fire wasn't smart. Thankfully for her, the girl understood in time what she was doing and pulled her hand back, but still gave her the same glare.
The younger girl couldn't understand how someone could hate her that much without even knowing her.

”I am not a ‘Princess’ and I am not interested in taking orders from some blonde bimbo with vacant eyes!”

Lillian was of course offended and raised both her eyebrows in question, looking at the girl.
"Well, excuse me, but I was just trying to help. Being sassy isn't going to help with that, and neither is it going to solve your little problem. If I wanted to order anyone, I am sure it wouldn't be you."
Shaking her head, she turned her back to the girl and kept looking around for her owl. The birds were slowly coming back, each one more scared than the last.

”I’m sure I’ll have better things to scare these stupid rats with wings soon anyway. Don’t rodents dislike cats?”

Lillian wanted to roll her eyes but tried not to, as to not make things worse. Her owl soon appeared, and Lillian smiled up at it, whistling softly so the bird would come to her. Of course, being a loyal owl, it flew its way to her, ready for her treat.
The Slytherin petted it's head and gave it its treat, before attaching her letter to its leg, and motioning for it to fly away. The owl obeyed and it soon disappeared.
Only then did Lillian turn to face the girl and actually answer her question.

"Yes, the owls do hate cats, miss no name. Though some are actually used to them, like mine is. I do have a cat, as a pet, you see, and the Family Owl has got used to it since I remember."
She shrugged and looked around the Owlery. The owls seemed to have a nice time staring at them and listening to their conversation, as if they actually understood what they were saying.
"I am sure that a cat could have a feast, if you ever brought it here."
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PostSubject: Re: A Resounding 'No' (open)   Sun Mar 09, 2014 3:34 pm

”Oh, I’m sorry. Did I ask for help? I don’t remember sitting here saying anything about wanting someone to come help me. I’m pretty sure I was actually taking care of things all on my own!” Aubrey was being mean, but she didn’t really care at the moment. She was in a sour mood and this girl just kept pushing her buttons.

The redhead hopped out of the windowsill, sneering at the owls who were reappearing around them. ”I have a name, blondie. I just don’t feel the need to inform you of it. I’m sure that’s just lovely for you then, having a cat and an owl and whatever else your oh so special little heart desires, too.”

Aubrey shoved past the girl, heading for the exit of the tower with a plan formulating in her mind. Oh, yes. She was going to get herself a new pet and then she would take her kitty up to the owlery and show her just how much of a feast she could have. ”I’ll make sure the owls that are stupid enough not to fear a hungry feline are the first to be slashed by my pretty pussy, blondie. So you might want to teach your stupid winged rat a bit of proper fear.”

With that, she stormed out of the tower and toward her dormitory. She had some fine tuning to do with her little plan.
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PostSubject: Re: A Resounding 'No' (open)   

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A Resounding 'No' (open)

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