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 Pureblood Hierarchy

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Salazar Slytherin

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PostSubject: Pureblood Hierarchy   Pureblood Hierarchy Icon_minitimeSun Jun 22, 2014 5:46 pm

We have decided to provide you with a ranking system for Pureblood families, to get an idea as to which families rank where and such. Please keep in mind that this was made to the best of our abilities with the information we have on canon and non canon pureblood family names. If you find you have an issue with this hierarchy, well, too bad, because it is what we are using.

Now, each rank in the hierarchy includes sub-ranks, meaning that some families rank higher than others within the larger ranks. This hierarchy is based on social status. We have added in non canon Pureblood names that have been created by users, and we added them based on what we know of those characters and their backgrounds. So, if you invented as Pureblood name, and do not like where it ranks, then I am sorry that you did not put further effort into your character's background, and changing it now will not have this change. Your family will still rank wherever they are on this hierarchy as far as IG goes.

Also note that in this time, Purebloods are dwindling, meaning that they are not common. So if you have a bunch of characters, they should not all be Pureblood. Furthermore, as you know, you may not claim the name of a canon without applying for it, so for those of you who have not made the distinction of parent names or grandparents names in their profiles, do not go back and add in names just to make your character more interesting or rank higher. We will know, and we will not tolerate it.

For reference, surnames in this color means they are non canon, and individually created for a users specification. If ever you want to use the surname, you must request permission from that user. Keep in mind that some of these surnames are not the actual character's surname, but an immediate relation, such as a mother or father, depending on the character's backstory. Any surname in red means the line is now dead and the name may never be used for existing or new members. Any question on any of this may be directed to any founder.

Pureblood Hierarchy

Top Rank
Gaunt, Peverell

Second Rank
Malfoy, Nott

Third Rank

Sub-rank 1
Crouch, Black, Prewett, Potter

Sub-rank 2
Lestrange, Zabini, Parkinson, Longbottom

Sub-rank 3
Rosier, Yaxley, Avery

Fourth Rank

Sub-rank 1
Carrow, Flint, Shacklebolt

Sub-rank 2
Ollivander, Burke, Rowle, Selwyn, Shafiq

Sub-rank 3
Slughorn, Travers, Smithe

Bottom Rank

Sub-rank 1
Abbot, Weasley

Sub-rank 2
Macmillan, Lovegood

Sub-rank 3

Pureblood Hierarchy Image10
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Pureblood Hierarchy

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