Where enemies can become allies and friends, and where everything you thought you knew is now questionable.
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 I'm not antisocial....I'm just anti social ((open))

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I'm not antisocial....I'm just anti social ((open)) Empty
PostSubject: I'm not antisocial....I'm just anti social ((open))   I'm not antisocial....I'm just anti social ((open)) Icon_minitimeTue Jun 17, 2014 11:33 pm

Elisabeth woke up early on this particular Monday, she wasn't sure if it was because she actually felt well rested for once, or if it was because the light from the overhead window in the underground dorm room had shined brightly enough on her face. Whatever the cause was, the Hufflepuff was now wide awake, with no chance of regaining any lost hours of sleep she may have caught up on. 

The blonde slid out of her bed, running her hand through her hair while she searched for clothing, finally finding the right components that made up her school uniform. The sixth year crept silently out of her dorm room in an attempt as to not wake up her housemates, then through the common room. 

The witch crouched down as she crawled through the barrel passage, and into the hallway that adjoined with the kitchens. Elisabeth headed to the Great Hall for breakfast before her classes for the day, sitting down at the Hufflepuff table when she found a free spot. After hearing McGonagall's speech, the sixth year was speechless. She couldn't believe what had happened, but she supposed that was how things went when you didn't attend any social events like that. With a lack of classes to go to, the blonde made her way to the library after eating, not really sure what else she should do. She didn't exactly know anyone else, so it had seemed like the best option. As she walked, the Hufflepuff transfigured her clothing into something more comfortable, her favorite Hufflepuff quidditch sweater, and leggings accompanied by a black skirt and her black boots.

As the girl opened the seemingly colossal doors to the library, she couldn't help but inhale the appealing scent of aging books, taking her mind off of the weekends events. The teen immersed herself into the seemingly endless collection of books the Hogwarts library was composed of, her blue eyes focused on the fiction section, her feet carrying her there as she did so. The blonde scoured the shelves for a book she hadn't yet read. The Hufflepuff heard the doors to the library open and close, so she promptly chose a random book from the shelf, and sat down in the nearest chair and began the randomly picked book, hoping whoever it was wouldn't notice her.

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I'm not antisocial....I'm just anti social ((open)) Empty
PostSubject: Re: I'm not antisocial....I'm just anti social ((open))   I'm not antisocial....I'm just anti social ((open)) Icon_minitimeFri Jul 11, 2014 3:45 pm

After McGonagall's speech in the great hall, in which she announced herself as new headmistress and that there would be services held in the evening for those lost lives, Blaise had spent the better part of his time collecting and filing away the information his housemates provided. For now, the house would need to stick to traveling in no less than twos, and trying to maintain at the least civil links with the others houses. Avoiding fights was critical, though may prove to be impossible. It was hard to tell in a packed hall with professors watching them. As soon as they took to the corridors it would be easier to get a better grasp of where the other houses were in regards to how they would continue to play with the snakes.

It might have seemed almost paranoid to be thinking this way, but this was how it was in Slytherin. The house was controversial and political. It always had been. As most were purebloods, it was how they were used to operating. At the moment, Slytherin was a political powerhouse with people like Malfoy, Gaunt, and Riddle. All snakes were powerful in their own right, but those three had what it took to get themselves to the top and keep themselves there. Draco because he had always been there and knew the inner workings and how to keep himself there. Riddle was clearly a natural born leader, with her affinity for making all the right friends in all the right places who would pretty much bend over backwards to her whims. Gaunt because he wanted it so badly, and a determined snake with high ambitions was one to watch out for.

But the more intelligent people knew it wasn't who you were, but who backed you, and currently, Riddle had the lead in that race, and by extension, Draco. While Draco had the clear support in their house, Riddle was quickly climbing through the ranks, and was the first snake since Blaise could remember that had gained a following from not just their house, but from all the houses combined. It was unknown to the dark skinned wizard whether or not this was on purpose, but it was impressive all the same. What was more impressive was that the witch continued to gain support even with Parkinson and co. actively waging war on her along with others.

Whether on purpose or not, it took precedence over the petty rivalries that had ruled prior, and Blaise for one was in support of gaining ties to members of other houses. No one knew the boy had plans to go into politics after school, and being a Slytherin during this time period was good experience. There was a reason he was the neutral one, declaring no allegiance to either side or faction, his loyalty laid with himself, though he did have some ties of loyalty to people like Draco and Orion, and perhaps even Riddle if he ever managed to find her alone for a conversation.

It was with these thoughts that he accompanied a few housemates to the library after exiting the great hall, sharp brown eyes observing those they passed on the way as they observed the group of snakes, trying to discern any signs of what their inner thoughts may be. Distrust was apparent, as they were given a wide berth and looks of suspicion, but luckily they made it to the sanctuary of books with no opposition or scuffles. Once there, the group split, everyone going off in search of what they had come for, and Blaise hit the poly-sci section, taking a few books from shelves in order to continue his research that had begun long ago.

As he left the sanctity of the shelves he came across a table where sat a witch he knew from both society and classes, though they quite obviously ran in different circles, her being a Hufflepuff and him being a Slytherin. You couldn't get much different than that. What made him pause in his dismissal of the girl was the fact that she clutched a book that had clearly come from one of the shelves he had just picked his own from, and despite himself he was slightly intrigued. "Political science. Who knew the Neige's of the world were interested in such things." He commented with slight mock to his tone as he seated himself at her table, sliding his on books onto the top of the table. Perhaps it was time to take a more hands on approach when it came to seeing where the houses would now stand.
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I'm not antisocial....I'm just anti social ((open))

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