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 The Tigress and her Toy (Luna, open?)

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PostSubject: The Tigress and her Toy (Luna, open?)   Mon Mar 17, 2014 5:06 pm

Getting ready was very easy for Sibes. All she had to do was slip on a tiger-print lingerie set, complete with a little skirt and black fur on the bra, then let some of her animal out. She had slipped on some devilishly high black stilettos, traced her emerald eyes in thick khol and mascara to make her lashes miles long, and coated her lips with a shade so close to blood it was sinful. Once everything was ready, Sibes simply focused on certain aspects of her animagus form, and she soon became a tiger-girl. Her ears shifted and sprouted from the top of her head, rounded and furry and oh-so-sensitive.

She watched herself in the mirror and moved her ears, slicking them back on her head as if upset, then perking them up as if excited. Yes. They were perfectly done. The perfect controlled shift. She grinned and let her teeth elongate and sharpen, then focused on the tail. It sprouted just above the sexy panties, and she demonstrated her control of it just as she had with the ears. Perfect!

Sibes purred and made sure her long, thick hair covered the place where human ears should be, then strutted out of the room, wand utterly forgotten. She wouldn’t need it tonight. Tonight she was a tiger, and her claws and teeth were all she’d need to defend herself.

The Russian walked through the halls, flat stomach on display along with her ample cleavage and the bottom of her ass cheeks. A sexy smile graced her lips and she purred at the people who stared as she strutted by. She was a taken woman tonight, and she had to go meet her precious Moonbeam.

The girls had agreed to meet at the bottom of the grand staircase and enter the ball together. Sibes had left a bit early so she could be there waiting for her little Moonchild. Thus, she reached the base of the stairs and let her tail wave softly, ears flicking to catch any sounds. She was eager for her lovely date to join her, after all. Finally, she saw the girl coming down the stairs, and a smile spread over her face, sharpened teeth showing off in the process.

”Oh, hello Moonflower. You look lovely. I could just eat you up,” she purred, licking her lips as her eyes took on a devious glint. Oh yes. She could definitely feast on this beautiful creature. She’d never need any other form of nutrient but her sweet, sweet nectar…
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PostSubject: Re: The Tigress and her Toy (Luna, open?)   Tue Mar 18, 2014 1:24 pm

Luna was so excited that she was squeaking. Not only was she actually old enough to attend the ball this time, unlike the previous one, she actually had a date. She wasn’t sure exactly how she had talked Sibes into going with her, other than maybe people were easier to convince right after sex, and she didn’t much care. She had let the other girl pick their costumes, and after the other day in the forest, her telling Luna to “pick something good for a tiger to eat, and show your pretty skin off” made at least a little bit of sense.

Still, the combination of showing skin and something a tiger likes to eat seemed like a riddle that was far trickier than the ones that she had to solve to change clothes during the day or go to bed at night, the only times she really ever saw Ravenclaw tower. She had been through about ten costumes this week, most of them ending in piles of fabric on the floor, because she simply could not find a way to make a piece of uncooked steak or a gazelle into something that showed skin in a way that wasn’t weird and creepy.

Finally, she went back to her original costume, a plain gray mouse suit, and edited it from there. She cut the costume out from just below her breasts to just above her waist, so that instead of the mouse having a belly of white fabric, it had a belly of her pale skin. She also strategically cut the back of the costume so the tail would poke out, revealing pretty and ruffly white underwear like a tuft of fur in the process. She found small pink slippers that would hopefully look like a mouse’s paws, and pink mittens to match. Finally, she made her hair extra wavy, so that it hung down her back like a pretty pattern in the mouse’s fur. It probably wasn’t all that good, but it was the best she could come up with under her current instructions.

At least, that was what she thought, until she reached the top of the grand staircase and found herself staring down at the Tigress that was hers for tonight. She had basically ended up in something like the regular gray mouse costume you would buy from a shop, except strategically missing the stomach and the center of the bum in an effort to be sexy. Plus the pink of the shoes, gloves, and tail, of course. There was simply no way that she could compete with that. The Slytherin was wearing lingerie that looked like a tiger, and that was all. Well, other than the teeth, ears, and tail, but Luna happened to know that that was less a costume she was wearing and more a secret that only a few people would be in on. She smiled t herself at that idea, even as she was still trying to keep from drooling at the beautiful girl.

And she said she could eat up Luna! The blonde practically ran the rest of the way down the stairs. She was the world’s sexiest mouse! She pulled in the dark girl for a quick kiss, but then pulled away before the kiss got too deep, a wonderful idea striking her. “I’m your prey!” she exclaimed with glee in her voice. “That means you have to catch me if you want me.” With that she took off into the Great Hall, barely even taking in the wonderful diecorations for now, as she was much more focused on their sexy game of cat and mouse that she had set off.
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PostSubject: Re: The Tigress and her Toy (Luna, open?)   Wed Mar 19, 2014 12:44 am

The little Moonbeam looked like the most delicious little mouse Sibes had ever seen in her life. She wanted to lick every inch of her cute little body and show her just how delectable she looked, but the Ravenclaw apparently had more exciting ideas. Sibes was more than happy to follow the fluffy-pantied rodent into the hall, slinking along in her heels without any issues. It really was a skill to move so fast and silently in such intimidating footwear, and yet the Slytherin made it look easy.

She purred and twitched her ears, sniffing the air for her pretty prey. The tiger within scented the air, noting the presence of alcohol and someone who stunk of wet dog, then shoving those aside as she caught the one smell she was searching for. The thing that she craved to bury her nose in every time she possibly could. The only smell she loved as much as that of her stunning Adonis. Her Moonflower.

Sibes flicked her tail as she pushed through the crowd, sneaking up behind the little mouse and running a long, sharp claw down her exposed stomach. ”I found you, my sexy little thing. Though you cover yourself much too much for my liking. You are too pretty to cover so much of your body with this silly cloth.”

The Russian smiled, sharp fangs glinting as she did, and licked the girl’s neck and cheek. ”I do enjoy a bit of a reward for a well-played game, little Moon,” she purred. In a matter of minutes, the dark-haired beauty had managed to run her claws over the mouse-suit, cutting it so that it was an ass-less mini skirt-style thing, the legs and crotch of the thing falling easily to the floor. Sibes kicked the scraps away and smiled devilishly, leaning in for a heated kiss and reaching around to play with the long, mousey tail.

”Now, I’m pretty sure a tiger is supposed to get to enjoy her prey, is she not? Since I’m not so sure you want me to devour you so early, why don’t we take to the dance floor instead, my sexy mouse? I want to show you how delightfully sinful these Russian hips can move.”
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PostSubject: Re: The Tigress and her Toy (Luna, open?)   Sat Mar 22, 2014 12:43 am

Luna ran through the students in the hall, not because she thought she had any hope of eluding the other girl, but because it would be no fun at all to be caught without putting up a fight. Still, the blonde was no athlete, and it wasn’t very long before she had to stop and catch her breath. She took in her surroundings better, thinking maybe there was a place to hide, and that it might be even more fun to be found than it would to be caught.
Before she could follow through with this plan and crawl under a table, she felt the familiar and pleasurable pain of a set of claws rolling on her stomach. She fought the urge to roll her body into the contact as a needy whimper escaped her lips. Sure, that might feel really good, based on all the other touches she had felt. It would also be risking her stomach getting ripped to shreds, which would spoil the night entirely.
The blonde shivered happily at the older girl’s words. She seemed to be saying that Luna would look good in just as little clothing as the tigress herself wore. While Luna knew that to be untrue, the idea made her grin in a very un-Luna-ish way. She shivered again at the lick to her neck and cheek. If the Russian was as much a tiger as the Ravenclaw thought she was, she was being claimed openly in front of all of these other people. The idea was simply thrilling. Then the claws were running along her hips and legs and, oh Merlin’s wife, her crotch. She almost missed the fabric pooling at her feet thanks to the light but delicious promise of those touches.
She leaned into the kiss, already learning to always want more from her Tigress. She was puzzled for a moment, because this kiss tasted a little bit different than any other she had had, but the answer almost immediately hit her. Sibes was more tiger than she had ever experienced her, even if she was still mostly girl. That must change the flavor of her, and Luna delighted in tasting her closer to the animal she so loved being. The hand playing with her tail and so near to her bum, which now showed more of her pretty underwear than the costume after the Tigress altered it, emboldened the blonde, and she reached around to stroke the velvet soft tiger tail. “Ooo, I love it,” she breathed against the other girl’s mouth as the kiss broke.
The look on her face changed to one of shock and mild horror as her lover mentioned dancing before they did anything else. She didn’t dance in front of people! Only one other person had ever seen her dance, and that had mostly been on accident. Plus, she was wearing barely any clothes! She couldn’t let people watch her like this. Her hand slid down, petting the soft tail and causing her to calm somewhat. This was her tigress, who made her strong. She could do this!
“I can do this,” she whispered to the other girl, tugging her gently towards an open space on the floor. As she did, she couldn’t help but notice all the eyes on them. And it was on them, not just on the sexy Slytherin. Maybe it was just because they were so unused to seeing the unique blonde in anything like it, or maybe she was pulling it off. Maybe Luna actually looked hot. She beamed up at the other girl without thinking to explain why. The attention felt good, and she wanted to drink it in as much as she was able to.
When they reached the open space she had been aiming for, her attention shifted fully to her lover. The Russian spoke of how well she moved her hips and the blonde wanted desperately to impress her. Probably too desperately, as her movements were jerky and awkward when she started dancing and she found herself hoping the dark haired girl did something to bring her back to her natural fluidity.
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PostSubject: Re: The Tigress and her Toy (Luna, open?)   Sat Mar 22, 2014 7:41 pm

To say the girl surprised Sibes when she reached back to touch her smooth, flicking tail would be an understatement. The Russian was completely shocked at the blonde’s daring when she nearly touched her ass, groping at the tail and petting it like she might pet a kitten. It was actually rather amusing, and when she touched it again, Sibes flicked the tail, letting it finds its way around her body to tickle at the back of the younger girl’s knee.

Even though the little Moon seemed intimidated by the idea of dancing for some reason, Sibes was happy to see her put on a brave face and proclaim that she could do it. A smile pulled at the Russian’s lips as she followed the petite blonde to the floor, preparing herself to give the room a nice show. The only problem was, her companion seemed all too tense. She was so nervous about the crowd that it seemed her legs had turned to stiff sticks and her hips were on some rusty swivel. Sibes needed to lube it up for the girl, and luckily she knew exactly how to take care of things.

”Come on, Moonbeam. Loosen up. Let the music move you. Don’t worry about anyone but you… and me…” she ran her hands along the younger girl’s body, resting them on her hips as she pulled her back against the barely-covered chest. Sibes was in her element as she moved her hips against her Moonchild’s ass, slinking down to a crouch to bite the back of the girl’s thigh before popping back up and rolling her body in a sensual way that she was sure would have most of the room drooling.

With a purr in the blonde’s ear, Sibes raised her hands along the Moonflower’s sides, pulling the Ravenclaw’s arms up with her and positioning them so that the little blonde had her arms wrapped around the Russian’s neck, behind her own head. This meant her neck was nice and open for Sibes to ravish with teeth and tongue. She growled and purred against the girl’s soft skin while her hands slid back down to the Ravenclaw’s hips and she rolled her body against her to the beat of the song.

”Mmm, everyone is watching us, my little Moon. They wish they could taste you like I can. That they could feel your body against them. But you are my Moonflower, and all your silky petals are for me to touch and savor.” She was so pleased with the way their bodies melded, that she barely noticed the tension that seemed to crackle in the air. Sibes was enjoying this night, and she wasn’t pleased with the thought that it might soon come to a forced end.
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Salazar Slytherin

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PostSubject: Re: The Tigress and her Toy (Luna, open?)   Mon Mar 24, 2014 8:38 pm

An army of acromantulas from the forbidden forest storm the castle and barge into the Great Hall. Giant, hairy, eight legged spiders quickly converge onto the mass of students attending the Halloween Ball, on the attack.
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PostSubject: Re: The Tigress and her Toy (Luna, open?)   Sun Mar 30, 2014 7:16 pm

Luna tried to give in to the older girl’s words, but she was still fighting against her instincts here. When her body was moved against the other girls and she felt hips moving into her bum, the music and rhythm and all of it took over, and she finally relaxed. Her hands easily moved around the other girl’s neck and she basically melted into the contact from the mouth on her neck. If there was any justice in the world at all things would stay like this forever.
Of course, Luna had long ago stopped believing in the idea of real justice. You had to fight the battles you could and do the good you could and just hope that it all worked out in the end. Case in point, their dance was broken up as giant spiders came pouring into the Great Hall like they belonged there.
She managed to not scream at the sight, but it was a close thing. Generally she loved all creatures, but generally creatures weren’t giant spiders that were a long way out of their homes and determined to eat the majority of the student body. “Tigress!” she squeaked, moving away from the girl enough to pull her wand and assess the situation, “Why are they so far from home?”
At the same time, her training in Harry’s army thing last year and everything that she had learned and experienced was also starting to kick in once a few seconds of panic had passed. “Aim for the eyes and the bellies. Their bodies are hard and will deflect everything else,” she hissed at the Slytherin. With that she began firing spells, trying to injure or stun the spiders without killing them and trying to herd them away from the younger students and the ones that seemed too terrified to fight. If they were really careful and even more lucky, maybe no one would be seriously hurt tonight.
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PostSubject: Re: The Tigress and her Toy (Luna, open?)   Mon Mar 31, 2014 1:02 pm

Even as she was enjoying her little Moon’s loss of inhibition as they danced together in a sexy way, Sibes could sense something coming. Her ears pricked forward at the noises, then lay back on her head as a growl burst from her chest. Spiders. There were spiders from the forest swarming into the hall, attacking dancing students and coming at her and her pretty Moonflower. Sibes gnashed her teeth, wondering if anyone was even paying enough attention to notice her slip into her tiger form. She decided to hold off as long as she possibly could, but something inside her said the tiger would come out before this battle was over.

She heard what the blonde had said, but was barely listening. For one, she knew instinctively where the creatures were weak. The tiger inside told her how to hit them and what to avoid. For another, Sibes was fighting without a wand. Her magic stick was in her dorm room, as she had made sure her claws were distinctly feline before leaving for this event. She figured she would only need to fight off handsy men who wanted to feel up her date or try for her, and the claws would be the only necessary weapon. Now, she hoped they were enough to fight these beasts without needing to shift.

”Moonbeam! Do not let them get too close to you! If you are bit there is nearly no chance you will survive, and that would be a terrible sin.” she growled out the warning before pouncing at two spiders, flipping them over with a rotating sweep of her legs, then slicing them open down the entire length of their bellies. She watched them twitch as the ugly green guts spewed from their bodies, then lunged at another, narrowly avoiding the poisonous pincers.

This was not a good situation. Everything inside of her, the instincts of the ferocious feline even told her to run. To take what was hers, the Moonbeam she so cared for, and get to safety, but she refused to turn tail and run. Even as she knew there was no way everyone would survive such an attack, especially as stunners flew through the air haphazardly. She hoped someone stopped the younger students from sending off such spells, as it would only serve to hurt those skilled fighters in the end.

Sibes continued lashing out with her claws, noticing the boy who she’d sworn her loyalty of sorts to struggling to find someone in the crowd. That wasn’t a good sign, and she could sense so much fear in the air that it was clouding her ability to judge where the true panic was. She might actually manage to help some of the students if she could tell where those most in need were, but now… now she felt as though there was no hope anywhere around her and no one would be saved.

Finding the human emotions too utterly exhausting, Sibes fell into a crouch as the tiger ripped forth from her body. Most likely, no one would have seen the transformation, and the chaos was bad enough that it wouldn’t even matter that a fully formed tiger had just appeared in the Great Hall. She roared and pounced on three giant spiders at once, biting down at the junction between head and body and ripping them apart. She spat out the nasty green goo and tried to shake some of it off of her thick coat even as she continued her attack, killing so many spiders she was sure there would be a path to safety for at least some of the students. She hoped her Moonflower was one who would take the path to safety, but didn’t have a chance to spare a glance in her direction as more spiders converged on her. She kept attacking, fighting as hard as she could and letting out a loud hiss when a student fell beside her, motionless and wide-eyed as venom coursed through their body.

She ran at the nearest beast, hoping her precious Moon wouldn’t be one of the fallen at the end. So far, Sibes could still scent the girl, could still smell her blood flowing through her veins as it should. Oh, she hoped this night didn’t get worse, but the sense of foreboding only grew as the tiger got closer to the man she’d call her leader in this war. Something was very wrong. Something more than just spiders. Somehow, Sibes knew she was going to commit more than just the spider genocide.
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PostSubject: Re: The Tigress and her Toy (Luna, open?)   

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The Tigress and her Toy (Luna, open?)

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